Playing catch up.



              Various outfits throughout winter. I am NOT a big fan of any degree below 70 but I find a way to manage somehow. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates (@ashleyymontero), I spend way more time on there than here. However, my goal for this year is to keep this thing updated in a timely manner using my REAL camera. God, I'm a lazy person. My phone is just so much lighter, and I automatically carry it with me everywhere, versus a giant ass camera. You know..



(TOP:my favorite Motorcycle Jacket, SECOND: going to work dressed as a pilgrim for black friday, THIRD: Waiting for the metro during the FYF festival, photo by Megan Andres)
Life has been an emotional rollercoaster lately. Happiness and sadness are the bestest pals in my life. I'm constantly striving to be positive and it is a difficult feat but the outcome looks sunny. Having more free time means I can focus more on my blog and etsy. There is always a silver lining to every situation. Know this.

Fresh Slates

Hello! Welcome to my new blog. I felt I had outgrown the old address and old blog. I know that this may be frowned upon to switch blogs but I felt I had to wipe the slate clean (hence the title). So stay tuned for what my new blog shall bring. Different photos, and a new outlook on the world!